We work with brands to get their message seen.
We pay everyday car drivers for driving with an advertisement on their car. This allows advertisers to get their message seen in an original way and reach a wider area of people, while also allowing our programs’ car drivers to make money for something they do already.

In the Press

How We Work


Driver Application

We ask some simple questions about where you normally drive


We then match you to a brand that likes your driving habits.

Drive & Get Paid

We wrap your car & send you a check each month!


We take the ad off at the end of the campaign

How It looks

Partial Wrap

The ad will not cover your entire car, only the sides and rear window.

Car Paint Safe

The ad is printed on vinyl which is a completely safe sticker for car paint.

We Take Off

We take the ad off so, no need to worry about chips.

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Driving for these Brands

Why do you Carvertise?

Alex O.

“I have never done anything like this before, so I decided to step out of my comfort zone and give it a go. Glad I did….I plan on buying an Ipad with the money.”

Samara C.

“Believe it or not this makes driving fun for me. I love the attention I get from people everywhere I drive!”

James W.

“I've always been the type of guy to try new things so when I heard about Carvertise I signed up immediately. When I was offered a spot in the upcoming United Way campaign I was all for it.”

Sam S.

“I needed the money for school, so I joined when I saw this on my Facebook. When I got a call from Carvertise- I was psyched! It's been a great experience so far.”

Devon C.

“I drive 60 miles a day so this was an easy call for me”

Ronaldo L.

“I’m on the road frequently, so when carvertise called me to participate I was all for it. I use the money for gas.”

Aimee W.

“I didn’t mind having it on my car, I could use the cash, and I didn’t have to do anything extra. It was a no brainer for me.”

Jenn O.

“I just got my masters degree from UD, so I’m proud to drive around for an institution that means so much to me.”

To Qualify

Our drivers need to meet a few criteria


18 years or older with a valid driver's license

Active Insurance

Must have minimum auto liability coverage


Clean driving record

Active Driver

Must drive frequently in highly populated areas

Drive For a Brand You Like and Get Paid!


10 Simple Questions About Your Driving Habits

Step 1: Driver Info

To begin searching for a company who wants to advertise on your car, we have to ask a few simple questions...

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Step 2: Vehicle Info

Advertisers like to know what type of car they’re putting their ads on. These questions help us figure that out.

*Indicates a required field required

Last Questions...

Step 3: Driver Habits

The questions below give us a good idea of your driving patterns. The advertisers we work with pick their car drivers based upon the locations you drive.

Home Address

Work Location

*Indicates a required field required

One Last Thing...


This way you'll stay updated on our latest ad campaigns =)

clicking will open a new tab, so you're application is saved


Got it! Thanks for joining our program!